“Vi” (“We”)

For a long time, loneliness was assumed to have mainly a psychological effect on people, but today scientists know that a sense of community is vital to our physical health and that involuntary solitude can make us physically sick. We all have a need to share a context, which makes us grow and creates room for social exchange.

People need to talk to each other, to better understand themselves as much as to understand others. Those are the conditions we need in order to be challenged in a positive way so that we can grow. Humans working together have the best prospects of survival and the best prospects of building up something sustainable. When we establish relationships based on trust, our inner motivation awakes and we have the ability to influence each other’s desires.

“Vi” is carved out of dolerite, a very hard kind of rock with great resilience and durability. Thus, the qualities of the material reflect the theme of the work. Only together can we manage the problems and consequences of human development and create sustainability for society as a whole as well as for ourselves as individuals.

Nimar is primarily a sculptor, most often working in materials such as clay, stone, paper, bronze and glass. The choice of material forms the foundation of her works, and she is driven to make use of local materials at every site. Her works can be abstract or figurative, but whatever the expression, Nimar delves into individual emotions, moods and character traits – often ones that are considered to be universal.

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