I have two works in the sculpture festival: In Slottsparken my sculpture Förväntan (“Expecting”), a woman made of white Italian Statuario marble from Monte Altissimo above Pietrasanta, standing on a base of pale grey marble from the same quarry. The woman is pregnant and her eyes are closed as she listens to the life she bears inside her.


Height of the woman: 130 cm
Height of the base: 68 cm
Base: 56x45x42 cm

What is her relationship to the theme of sustainability? Apart from the fact that the material, marble, is a recycled natural material that lasts forever from our human perspective… and that it doesn’t generate pollution, I would say that the motif itself, her form and expression, can relate to sustainability. We want our lives to be sustainable, healthy and happy. We want the best for our children. Becoming a parent is also an act of sustainability – we are passing along our genes, living on through our children. And hopefully we care about our envrionment and those around us so that our children can grow up in a nice world. The word sustainability has many aspects and meanings. It can be applied physically, mentally, democratically, emotionally and environmentally. To go on, to last, preserve and protect, perhaps the parental role ought to apply to all of humanity with respect to our planet and its nature, animals… really all of its inhabitants and future.

“Apa” (“Monkey”)
My other work here is made from Italian yellow marble from Siena. I see it as a playful monkey, making a duckface for a selfie. But I’ve heard others see it as something else, and of course the interpretation is up to the beholder. As regards this sculpture’s relationship to the theme of sustainability, the answer is the same in terms of the material. The implementation as well – carving in stone must be seen as the same kind of thing as slow food and so on… even if I use more modern tools than in Michaelangelo’s day.


Perhaps you could say that a bit of humour, laughter, makes us live longer. And that the motif, a portrait, is something that’s existed since the Roman Empire… As well as the act of depicting oneself… whether with a mobile phone camera or a hammer and chisel in stone.

Material: Giallo Siena marble from Italy, made in 2017
Dimensions: 60x37x28
Weight: approx. 40 kg