“Tegelrenässans” (“Brick Renaissance”)

Made from Danish coal-fired brick from Petersen Tegl in Denmark


BRICK IS LIFE FORCE. A 1000-year-old construction material. An ancient Babylonian tradition inspired Europe, especially in the Middle Ages,
when brick architecture dominated the Hanseatic cities around the Baltic.

In my artistic work with brick, I want to make use of historical experience and the many variations that fired clay presents.

Brick as a material creates unique opportunities for artistic figuration, which remain history in a living future environment.
An ecological, environment-friendly material that remains sustainable for centuries and has had a renaissance in recent years.

My brick sculptures often describe nature in an endless time perspective, creating archaeological associations to historical
and architectural encounters.

“BRICK RENAISSANCE” can be viewed as a symbolic memorial to a lost era
and an integrated part of a future cultural landscape.
This sculpture can also convey ideas for further studies of archaeology and architecture in the local environment.
I want to show the poetry, magic and artistic qualities of brick, which can inspire local studies and experiences such as dreams in time and space.