“Hönan och ägget” – “The Chicken and the Egg”
Proximity to animals and nature / an understanding of the cycle of life / the old tradition of smallholder farming / locally produced / natural materials / no throwaway culture / long-term sustainability / understanding of life / time for reflection and your own thoughts / a slower pace / giving the leftovers of your lunch to the hens and getting eggs back for breakfast!

What impact do stone, bronze, hens and eggs have on the climate?

The sculpture “Hönan och ägget” is a collaborative work between bronze artist Kerstin Merlin Eriksdotter and stone sculptor Ulf Johnsson.

Kerstin Merlin Eriksdotter – Artist Statement

Kerstin Merlin Eriksdotter works primarily with sculpture, mainly in bronze, but also works with mosaics, painting and sketching. Kerstin is interested in the emotions that the shape itself awakes in our senses, and vice versa – how an emotion can be expressed in form. Strong emotions are the fuel of her creativity. She moves in a figurative and abstract motif landscape. The works are characterised by hopeful curiosity, playful movement and a spark of humour. The viewer can sense the thoughts behind the works, dealing with the origin of life, its trajectory and destination, with what creates goals and meaning in our journey.

Kerstin works in Gothenburg, where she conducts all her bronzework.

Website: www.merlin.se

Ulf Johnsson – my thoughts on stone

I create my sculptures at Konstnärernas kollektivverkstad in Bohuslän, an international stone workshop for artists. I have chosen to work here for 15 years now. So far I have just scratched the surface of a giant mountain, and each time I meet a new stone block, I ask it the question: What do you want to be? It’s strange that a heavy, unwieldy boulder can turn into a graceful sculpture – but by that time you may have cut, sawn and ground away more than 80% of the material. The result can be as eternal as our forefathers’ stone axes, but at the same time totally recyclable through nature’s own forces.

Website: www.ulfjohnsson.se