The body as a building, a steel skeleton making up a framework that holds the building – the body – together.
I’m a sculptor, trained in the 1970s at the Royal Institute of Art. My first public work, “Pojke med gäss” (“Boy with Geese”) in Slottsparken in Malmö, was inaugurated in 1978.
In the 80s, some of my most famous works are “Kören” (“the Choir”) on the central square in Östersund and “Resenärer” (“Travellers”) in Hässelby Gård. In the 1990s, “Olof Palme” at the Swedish Parliament building, “JAS-kraschen” (“the JAS crash”) on Långholmen and “Gert Fredriksson” in Nyköping.
In the new millennium, “Korv-Ingvar” (“Ingvar the Sausage Man”) in Solna, “Greta Garbo” on Greta Garbo Square in Stockholm, “Nils Ferlin steppar” (“Nils Ferlin Tap Dancing”) in Karlstad, and “Gruvtolvan” (“Mine Workers’ Union Group 12”) Kiruna, and “Fridtjof Nansen” at the Oslo City Hall.