“Feather – Obelisk”
The work is both dialectic and a paradox. Contrasts and fragments forming a sustainable whole. Feather and stone have a symbolic value – ritually, methodologically, historically and scientifically (e.g. Icarus and Sisyphus) (air – matter)
Obelisk, touching the sun, divinity, sentinel, praise, memory, time (sundial, sunrise)

Our relationship as humans to development, technology, nature, each other, all finds its expression in this work. (symbolically, in material, function etc.)
Humanity, body and psyche as the starting point.

Photo: Peter Dewoon

The process (all the possibilities of creation, both intellect and craftsmanship) is the most important thing.
The dialogue with the rock (the material) and all the possibilities of the material
Other: Movement, shifts, fragments, rhythm, origin, structures, values, time and composition. To touch the innermost, the expression and the now.
The now is always past.
Like music, which only exists when it is being performed.