“ A I N G K ”

dwell on the sound for a while … it is a mantra that can be used when meditating.
Meditating is a way to free oneself from one’s surroundings, to relax and to rest.
It is said to enhance well-being, boost concentration and strengthen our stamina and presence.

The A I N G K
is a formulation of a problem, a three-dimensional creation with many facets and planes. A sculpture with a focus on problem solving. We need to really think about the global situation of humanity and to create the ability to take action.

A I N G K is a meta-theorem for sustainability.


Sketch: Mats Lodén

Photo: Mats Lodén, A I N G K

Mats Lodén is a sculptor and artist born in Stockholm in 1951.
He works in many materials, but often with wood and clay at the heart.
He says, “To me, the creative process is important. It embraces communication with the material while at the same time I process concepts within me and the contemporary world.
The expression becomes central in my creations. Sometimes you need to be shaken a bit in order to wake up … And perhaps even sharpen our focus to survive.”