“Lilla Elefanten” (“Little Elephant”)

Solidarity and love create sustainability.
The elephant, a regal and very old animal,
lives in family units with female relatives.
The herd is headed by the eldest member,
the Matriarch. Social ties are
very strong. Elephants feel joy and sorrow,
they try to help the injured in their group,
and can spend days mourning
next to the body of a loved one,
which they then bury with branches and leaves. Elephants that have been separated for some time
demonstrate their happiness at being reunited
by stroking each other’s trunks and trumpeting.

Ekeberg marble
120 cm high

How do we take care of each other?
What is sustainability in relationships?
What do we need?

My materials are: marble, cast bronze
or iron from clay or wax moulds. The motifs are often
inspired memories
and fragments of childhood games.
My “Little Elephant” is a play sculpture
made of Ekeberg marble; you can ride on it
and slide down the trunk.