“Kraftsamlare” (“Power Collectors”) is part of a series of sculptures exploring how these works affect and are affected by the Earth’s energies. When I discovered how ancient works such as stone ships and stone circles worked together with the Earth’s energies, I began to investigate whether my own works had a similar effect. This is a part of a research project examining how stone sculptures/power collectors can interact with Earth energies.

The Earth’s energies affect humans, and our energy production affects the Earth. We must create sustainable energy production for the future. I myself have about 200 m² of solar panels that can produce 27 kW on a sunny day.

I’m an inquisitive, experimenting artist who sees creativity as one of my foremost qualities. I like working with multiple techniques and materials, from tiny mini sculptures to giant monumental works. I paint, sculpt and curate exhibitions as well as participating in international symposiums and workshops.

How are we affected by the Earth’s energies, and can we affect them?