“The Super-Sargasso Sea – the Plastic Iceberg Island”

The Super-Sargasso Sea is a fictional dimension into which lost things go. Its existence was proposed by the writer Charles Fort, author and researcher in anomalous phenomena. It can be viewed as the spontaneous, anomalous teleportation of an object to another dimension. The real Sargasso Sea is at the centre of what is called the Bermuda Triangle, also home to the 100 km wide North Atlantic Garbage Patch. By converting rubbish found in nature into something beautiful, glittering and seductive, that only on closer observation reveals itself to be a mountain of junk, I want to raise awareness and create dialogue about global warming and the environmental harm caused by plastic in nature – from the giant islands of plastic waste floating in the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans to the rubbish Island in the Lagoon of Venice.

The sculpture aims to raise awareness about plastic pollution in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, the North Atlantic Garbage Patch and the pollution in the Baltic Sea.
The work corresponds directly with the 2019 theme of sustainability. By transforming found rubbish into a tantalisingly beautiful baroque iceberg, I also create a link to the field of tension that arises between the two locations in the exhibition, one considered beautiful, the other its polar opposite.

Height 180 cm
Length 340 cm
Width 240 cm