Thanks to a project grant from Leader Sörmlandskusten, we will be hiring one person at 50% of full time for 10 months. The person will work with several integration projects during Sculpture Festival 2019 in Oxelösund

  • Planering och samordning av integrationsaktiviteter runt skulpturfestivalen.
  • Supporting person for 10 mentorships between artists born outside of Sweden and professional Swedish artists.
  • Coordinating groups that have adopted a sculpture.
  • Project reporting and final reporting

Part of the integration work involves making the sculpture exhibition as accessible as possible. For this reason, the descriptions of the pieces are provided in Arabic, Tigrinya and English on the website.

In August we will be holding a workshop for artists, aiming to create a network that promotes both native Swedish artists who are active today, and artists who have moved to Sweden from other countries.
– Are you, or have you been, a professional artist?
– Do you want to get to know other artists?
– Do you aim to work full-time as an artist?
The Sculpture Festival is arranging a networking workshop for artists. Send an emai to if you are interested.

“Adopt a sculpture” is about providing information and establishing groups of individuals who will adopt sculptures during the exhibition period. The job of each group is to regularly visit their sculpture and make sure it is in good condition and not subjected to vandalism. These groups will thus help the arrangers and make natural contact with other teams. If necessary, the group will inform the Sculpture Festival when something has happened. The aim is to create involvement. The goal is that all sculptures in Oxelösund will be adopted during the period by various community groups so we can all come together in joint responsibility. The language cafés can use the groups to move their language exercises to the sculptures. If you want to participate, sign up on this page or by sending an email to

During the Sculpture Festival, a number of meetings will be arranged where we serve a bite to eat while we discuss the art works, the environment and sustainability. The first such meeting was on 8 May, during which the group was established. The second meeting was 1 June, when the members visited the ONYX event and received T-shirts on Järntorget Square. The third meeting was on 11 June after the end of Ramadan, so we could serve participants something to eat. The fourth meeting, in August, is to rekindle the group’s enthusiasm after the summer holidays, and meeting number five will be after the end of the exhibition, when we can evaluate the project and listen to the participants’ experiences.
We expect to establish 10 groups of 10 people each.

At the end of May we had 25 registered addresses in the adoption programme. Several of these were associations and businesses representing even more people.