Nesting is an outdoor sculpture at Stjärnholm and three photos inside the mansion. The work is about building nests, finding or returning to places where you can settle down and put down roots. A nest is most commonly associated with birds, but other creatures such as fish and insects also build nests. Nesting is the instinct, the inborn drive to build a home for one’s young to be born in. The word is also used figuratively for human activity. The aspen trees that the sculpture is made of grew on the artist’s ancestral farm in the province of Södermanland. The photos are pictures of birds from the same location.

Building a shelter, huts, nests and houses is the way both animals and humans create a stable base, a starting point for their lives.

Gunilla Bergström is an artist and architect, trained at art academies in Stockholm, Gothenburg and the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen. Her degree in architecture comes from Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg. Since earning it in the early 1990s, Gunilla has been active as both an artist and an architect based in western Sweden. She has also worked and exhibited in Södermanland and central Sweden, where she was born and grew up and still spends her summers.
The primary focus of her artwork is sculpture, both public works and exhibitions around Sweden. The location and the context is often the starting point for her ideas as well as her choice of materials and themes – sculptures of stone, wood or metal, or even textiles and other materials, such as images on glass or photographs.