“Forever Green”
The twisting shape of the sculpture reflects the strongest shape in nature – the spiral. The ceramic process itself includes all elements of nature – earth, water, fire and air – making it both natural and sustainable.
Its results are also sustainable – the world’s oldest works of art are made from ceramic. My sculpture is coloured with fired clay-based dyes and metallic oxides which, in contrast to glazing, makes the surface weather-resistant.
The surface texture and the green tone signal a focus on nature and the title reflects my wish of remaining GREEN FOREVER……..

Edita Rydhag: Forever Green

To me, nature is the path to a deeper truth, in which metaphysical questions are united in existential reality.
It is also the source of a wealth of shapes, linked to sensual textures that follow strict geometric laws. The substance of the objects inspires me to create new, symbolic abstractions.
I formulate my thoughts about the grand, the strong and the resilient in fire clay mortar, contrasting with the fragile and sensitive in the china.

What is the place of ceramic sculpture in public environments?
How does the tactile surface affect the sensory perception of the sculpture?