“Tors fiskafänge” – “Thor’s catch”

Thor, the god of thunder, aims to kill the Midgard Serpent, which according to prophecy will otherwise bring about the end of the world. He takes the giant Hymir with him on a fishing trip.
Thor baits his line with a bull’s head, and after a long, patient wait, he finally gets a bite. Slowly he pulls the Midgard Serpent nearer to the boat. But just as he raises his hammer to destroy the beast, Hymir sees what is approaching the boat, gets scared and cuts the fishing line, allowing the serpent to return to the depths.

Carl Wellander: Jörmungandr

Depictions of this tale exist from as early as the eighth century, and even modern people can relate to it. The threat today is another one, and we are the people in the boat. Each one of us needs to decide if we want to be Thor or Hymir, and act accordingly. Who do you want to be?

I have always sculpted things, but it wasn’t until age 40 that I began taking my sculpting seriously. It all began with a birthday gift from my wife in the form of an exhibition. The act of creating and the response it brought left me craving more, and over the years this has opened doors to many exhibitions, new materials and above all new friends.

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