“Frökapsel” – “Seed Pod”

In my work “Frökapsel” I want to shine a light on a tiny life form that is oh, so important. A seed is a source of life, bearing within it the foundation of new life forms that will develop into independent individuals and thought patterns in society. We are all a chain of cells and organisms under development, and we need each other for our mutual survival. The seed shape spreads out over land and water and needs healthy soil and seas in order to develop.

In my sculptural works I try to emphasise the small forms, the building blocks and symbols that are crucial to our survival. A search for a timeless dimension in the borderland between culture and nature. My artistic work also revolves around tiny microorganisms that provide life-giving oxygen to the sea and air – ancient archetypical shapes taken from the diversity of the sea and the origin of life, which gives me inspiration and shapes in different materials. Since earning my degree in sculpture at the University of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm, I have worked as an artist, cartoonist and graphic designer. My work includes exhibitions, public works of art and also doing layout, illustration and design. I enjoy alternating between two-dimensional sketching and three-dimensional work in a variety of materials.